Care Homes

This section encompasses all Residential Nursing and Care Homes in both the public and private sector, who will have someone who is responsible for ensuring that legislation is adhered to. It is important to understand that fire risk assessment is initially a time consuming project, but once done is easily kept on top of.

Care homes, Nursing homes etc are a mixture of varying degrees of age and design and can be difficult to apply the required guidelines. We can make the burden easier by helping you to pin point the areas that need the most attention.

We have seen over a period of time that most people do not realise that when carpets or curtains are washed they no longer have fireproof properties. Curtains can be dry cleaned and then sent away for reproofing, but this can be a costly exercise as normally solvent based liquids are used. This has been the case for many years and the health risks are still not known. We can eliminate the down time of a room from days to hours. Firecheck changes all this, as it is water based and non toxic. What makes it so versatile is that it can be applied to any absorbent surface.

As was proved on November 2nd, a fire occurred at a Care Home in Bridgewater, Somerset with the resulting press story…click here

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