Student Accommodation





It is our experience that the situation detailed below is common to many leading providers of higher education.  We believe that our services can contribute towards reductions in solution costs.

Often, in Student Accommodation, by the time a student leaves at the end of their tenancy period, the bed, carpets, curtains or other soft fabrics and furnishings may have become excessively stained and dirty.  Unfortunately simple cleaning of these items can degrade fire retardant properties.  Common area such as entrance hallways and stairs may also be affected, dependent upon the type of floor covering that is in place.

Despite non-smoking policies, persistent smokers are known to sit on ledges with windows open in an attempt to keep smoke detectors from activating.  Rather dangerously this becomes a fire risk as ash and particles can blow back into the room risking minor burns or worse to curtains and soft furnishings.

Entire refurbishments often need to be budgeted for in order that fire safety standards are maintained.  This is where we can help.  A site survey carried out by our technical staff may indicate that professional cleaning on such items followed by the application of Firecheck could effectively extend the useful life of soft furnishings.  Thus reducing the frequency of replacement and expenditure, returning the treated items to a fully fire retardant state that, in the event of a fire, would form a carbonized shield preventing combustion. Not only could budgets be dramatically reduced, but the danger from potential fire hazards are significantly reduced.

It is also important to remember that to maintain fire retardant qualities the materials treated with Firecheck should not be subjected to liquid spillage of any kind and that all compromises should be reported as a matter of course, and re-treated appropriately. On completion we can provide the management with a Certificate of Application and sufficient Firecheck product to spot treat areas where integrity has been compromised.

Provision of our services can help the management of the accommodation to conform with current legislation for Fire Regulations in a cost effective manner.

For further clarification and advice call and speak to our Technical Director Mark Haywood