Being an ‘Independent’, ‘Franchisee’ or a Group, we can ensure you conform to the current regulations. Many B&B’s and smaller hotels may not be aware that the management, owners or the responsible person on site has a duty of care to their paying clientèle to ensure the full risk assessment has been carried out. We have seen over a period of time that most people do not realise that when carpets or curtains are washed they no longer have fireproof properties. Curtains can be dry cleaned and then sent away for reproofing, but this can be a costly exercise as normally solvent based liquids are used. This has been the case for many years and the health risks are still not known. We can eliminate the down time of a room from days to hours.

Firecheck changes all this, as it is water based and non toxic. What makes it so versatile is that it can be applied to any absorbent surface such as bench seating in bar areas.

Our specialist on-site team will carry out the entire spraying service providing full protective coverings to those areas that are not to be sprayed.  All that we ask, is that the area is clear of all obstructions i.e. furnishings that are not to be sprayed.  As soon as the Firecheck solution has been applied – it is effective.  The average drying time for a typical bedroom is between 1-3 hours depending on the ventilation and overall temperature. The financial impact is kept to the bare minimum.


For further clarification and advice call and speak to our Technical Director Mark Haywood