The use and safe application of mslFirecheck in a commercial situation will have a dramatic effect in terms of reduced fire related damage. All absorbent surfaces that have been treated will only carbonise and not contribute to feeding the source of the fire.

For example, empty Commercial Units large or small, can be treated with the minimum of fuss.

In terms of cost effectiveness, the results from treatment, will reduce the overall loss physical loss by approximately 60-70 % when empty and all absorbent surfaces have been treated. Structural damage normally occurs when a heat source is concentrated. Steel buckles, bricks crack etc.

Of course the main cause of fire source is the way packaging, materials, goods etc are stored when a unit is occupied and safety protocols have not been adhered to. Our experience has shown that when a unit is said to be ’empty’, ┬áit still contains a number of combustible materials. Although the majority of fittings such as carpet tiles, fibre suspended ceiling panels and so forth when installed, did conform to the Regulations at the time, floor cleaning, prolonged wear and tear and atmospheric temperature fluctuation due to seasonal changes over a long period will change the repressive retardant qualities.


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