Any premises other than a private home/accommodation are obliged to have a risk assessment carried out on their premises and treatment where applicable. Recent prosecutions in Manchester have led to substantial fines being imposed.  Clubs and pubs historically have many types of absorbent materials that should be fireproofed such as bench seating etc. Although it is assumed that furnishings were treated prior to installation, over a period of time fire retardancy is reduced due to wear and tear, liquid spillage and so on. Unlike chemical fire proofing products mslFirecheck is non toxic and can be applied on a regular basis to ensure the safety of customers.

Seating should be part of the retardency programme as well as any type of stage curtains, window dressings and carpets. The very nature of these premises allows for constant liquid spill that seriously compromises the original fireproofing qualities. Even when treated with solvent-based protection, the excessive use can seriously reduce its retardency qualities. General shampoo and extraction will clean, but not protect.

Confined areas are the most susceptible to ineffectiveness of fire retardency unless treated on a regular basis. The key features of Firecheck are that it is water based and virtually odourless and most importantly non toxic.

For further clarification and advice call and speak to our Technical Director Mark Haywood